Wednesday, 13 July 2016


S10 Health, a vibrant e-commerce healthcare delivery platform, promoted by leading healthcare industry veterans and physicians, announced the launch of “S10 Health Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre” in the city today.

Gracing the occasion were, India’s ace squash player Dipika Palikkal, Mr. Sridharan Sivan, Founder S10 Health, Dr. Dobson Dominic, Medical Director- S10 Health Sports Medicine & High Performance Center, and many other fitness enthusiasts.

Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre is one of the pioneer healthcare premise in the city that will cater to both sports & fitness enthusiasts who wish to have high performance. Additionally, it will also cater to the common man who desire to live a healthy life with preventive wellness. The 6,000 sqft premise, houses a fully fledged sports medicine unit with sports physiotherapy, sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports therapies and a unique programme called the “HIPER CENTER” which is divided into zones and caters to all parameters of fitness namely, speed, power, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility through the concept of functional training. It also has a functional floor marked by grids, dots and compasses that helps you follow movement patterns, to give your body a complete workout. The centre has a complete digital coverage with video monitoring by 15 high-definition cameras. As members sign-up, they will go through a biomechanical qualitative and quantitative assessment, to assess movement patterns and muscular imbalances, and a complete unique physical assessment followed by a customised programme for each.

The Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre is a one-stop destination for anybody who wants to stay fit in the scientific way. S10 Health Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre offers a plethora of services in the healthcare space and HiPer program is one such initiative. S10 Health aims to focus on providing sports medicine support programs such as physical fitness, improving mental strength and competitiveness, sports nutrition, injury prevention and management, along with many other core services.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sridharan Sivan, Founder S10 Health SafeCare said that “We are extremely delighted to launch such a unique facility where science, technology and data is merged together. It is important that we understand that each body is different and thus the fitness regime should be tailor-made too. With this facility and program we aim to have a scientific approach towards providing fitness”

Speaking on the initiative, Dr. Dobson Dominic, Medical Director- S10 Health Sports Lounge, said that “Sports Medicine forms an umbrella for both injury prevention and performance enhancement in athletes and for common man who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle with preventive wellness and musculo-skeletal injury management .This unique centre caters to every form of athletic fitness .the program includes Biomechanics, exercise physiology, sports nutrition &sports psychology.”

About S10 Health Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre:

S10 Health Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre is a first of its kind, scientifically integrated sports medicine and preventive wellness centre with scientific, holistic and integrated therapies. It is a one-stop destination for anyone who wants to get healthy in a scientific way.It is the destination of choice for those who are involved in sports and exercise to enhance their sporting and athletic prowess and the common man to have preventive wellness & managing Musculo-skeletal conditions.

The S10 Health Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre is a state-of-the-art centre that fosters fitness in most natural way and concentrates on body postures and movements. HiPer programme is a pioneer in India that aims to give a turn around to biological ageing. It is all about staying fit and wearing your age well. With the launch of S10 Health Sports Medicine & High Performance Centre and HiPer program, it has opened gates for yet another medical assistance that will focus on providing the exercises & therapies according to respective body types. While gyms give a one dimensional workout, this high-performance centre is individual specific,activity specific.


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