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Are you looking for Natural, Eco friendly comfort for you baby?

Wool fibres let your skin “breathe” and have the ability to act as a natural thermostat that regulates body temperature. Wool remains far superior to synthetic fibres because of the unique way in which it handles both temperature and moisture. The fine hairs actually ‘wick’ moisture away from the body and stimulate circulation, unlike synthetic materials, making sheepskin a perfect material for the pram to help soothe and comfort babies, as one of our customers attests to:

“I was pleased to find my babies head stayed cooler and he experienced less sweating when using the sheepskin pram liner when compared to the synthetic backing of the pram.”

We also recommend our baby sheepskin rug and portable play mats as the perfect comforters for all important baby playtime keeping your baby cosy and warm in winter and cool in summer. Our customers have loved these products too:

“My baby loves relaxing on our sheepskin baby rug which we use every day for play time and tummy time.”

“The Baby Play Mat has been so useful for travelling and playdates. It’s so easy to fold up and to carry toys in.”  

Or maybe you’d prefer our Baby Booties or Joey Booties not just because they are so cute, but because they keep your babies feet so cosy!

We guarantee our sheepskin baby products are 100% Australian made and have "Product of Australia" status which means they are 100% Australian made with material produced in Australia. Our sheepskin is processed at our own tannery in Laverton, Melbourne using Ecological procedures and to the highest EPA standards. Our products are also manufactured at our Brunswick factory meaning you be assured these are quality natural, Australian made products for your little one.

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Apart from supporting local business do you know why it is SO important to support 100% Australian made? Through this little blog post, I will endeavour to help educate, and show you the difference between 100% Australian made and made overseas.

Firstly, did you know Australia has one of the highest EPA standards in the world? This means Australia has the some of the highest health and safety standards... This doesn't just mean the standards workers have to labour in, but also chemicals used within all processes, the way chemicals are disposed and also the quality and standard of the product in which we produce. 

Sheepskin has to go through a huge process before it is able to be used for making products, Chemicals have to be used to treat sheepskin to turn it into the wonderfully soft product you know and love. Being Australian made, we have to spend a lot of money disposing of chemicals in the most economical way possible for the environment. Also, we are only able to use certain levels of chemicals to meet Australia's very strict EPA standards. If the sheepskin is tanned overseas, for example, China or India, there are not these same levels of health and safety. Any chemicals can be used, and you have no idea how the chemicals are disposed of and/ or dispersed into the environment. These dangerous chemicals can still be traced on sheepskin products and this is why it is so important to stick to Australian made sheepskin.

If you would like to read more about the Victorian EPA standards please see the link

So why else is it important to support 100% Australian made?

Well ... Not only is it becoming harder and harder to stay 100% Australian with so much product being able to be cheaply made in China, but another great point is that you know exactly where your product comes from. We purchase our skins directly from local abattoirs, so all our skins are sourced as a by-product of the meat industry. No animals are killed for the purpose of our product. Local Aussie farms also have the own health and safety standards to uphold, so the treatment of their animals is vital. This sort of information we share openly, which would be near impossible to see from overseas companies. 


What should you be careful of?

Be wary of Made in Australia swing tags, as a product doesn't have to be 100% Australian made to qualify to have this label. for the "made in Australia" swing tag, a product only has to be at a minimum 50% made in Australia. in comparison, the standards for the swing tag "product of Australia" is a lot higher in which almost the entire product has to be sourced and made in Australia to be able to qualify for the swing tag. Please see the source link attached


So what questions do you ask if you unsure whether a sheepskin product is 100% Australian made?

Ask where the sheepskin is sourced, Australian sheepskin, more specifically Australian merino sheepskin is the most durable and the best sheepskin for footwear. Ask where the sheepskin is tanned, This is the most important question if you a concerned about health and safety standards on the environment, and if you are concerned about the level of dangerous chemicals used. Ask where the product is actually made, be careful with this question and make sure all parts and processes are done within Australia. For any of these questions don't be afraid to ask for evidence, maybe an address or a website which backs up their information. If you would like to see our sources please see the link

We have great pride in our process, in staying 100% Australian and also in making a quality product which not only looks good but is as sustainable for the environment as it can be. We hope you find this little blog post insightful and hope it helps you make an educated decision when you when you next decide to buy a Sheepskin product.


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Winter solstice is here! and we are hitting the slopes with Melbourne public. Between the months June and July we will be involved in a winter ski theme throughout Melbourne public.

Mont Plonk is a complete Alpine-themed takeover of Melbourne Public’s Terrace, promising an authentic après-ski experience slap-bang in the middle of Melbourne, despite being over 200km away from any hint of snow-kissed mountain caps. 

Access to Mont Plonk will be free for the whole month, with passionate (après) skiers keeping toasty by the fires with a selection of warming wintery offerings – including alcoholic hot chocolate and spiced rum injected mulled wine.

Our team at Ugg Australia have joined this exciting pop-up urban ski lodge with majority of styling – so expect to be surrounded with masses of snuggly sheepskins, ottomans and cushions at every turn, (wait till you see the photobooth)

For those looking for the full experience, Group Ski Passes can be purchased – offering groups of 4, 6, 8 or 10 a reserved table, a cheese fondue and shot-ski packages. See the link below.

21 June - 16 July

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From Brunswick to Hollywood, our custom made range offers our online customers the exclusive opportunity to purchase luxury styles previously made by us for celebrities. Choose from the "Royal Fold", "Royal Long" or the "Rachel" all boots are 100% Australian made with the softest Merino sheepskin and come in three colours, Chocolate, Chestnut and Black. 


Ugg Australia is excited to introduce our NEW Custom Made range.

Our "Rachel" boot is crafted in our Melbourne factory from the finest Merino sheepskin featuring an extra long length and triple stitching. Choose the long length option or rollover to make a luxury sheepskin cuff.  The "Royal" boot also features the Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) "Bondi" Sole which is resilient to -40 degrees celsius and provides superior grip making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. 

Our "Royal" boot is an extra long boot, featuring triple stitching, and a cosy sheepskin cuff. Suitable for super cold climates, the "Royal" boot also features Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) "Bondi" Sole that is resilient to -40 degrees celsius and provides superior grip making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. 

Our "Royal Fold" boot is crafted in our Melbourne factory from the finest Merino sheepskin featuring an extra long length and triple stitching and a luxury sheepskin cuff.  The "Royal Fold" boot also features the Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) "Bondi" Sole which is resilient to -40 degrees celsius and provides superior grip making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. 

To purchase your Custom Made boots please click here:

*Please Note: We recommend using our sizing chart to select your size, you can check your size by measuring your foot length and choosing the corresponding size. Please allow two weeks for your boot to be made. 

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In 2016 Ugg Australia celebrated an amazing 35 years of Australian manufacturing. Our founders Luda and Roman Fishman welcomed staff, business and industry associates to mark this truly remarkable occasion, at the stunning Hilton South Wharf.

From humble beginnings as newly arrived migrants selling their handcrafted boots at the Victoria Market in the 1980s to the iconic Australian brand, they are today. Roman and Luda were celebrated for their absolute commitment and passion for Australia manufacturing continuing to operate not only their factory in Brunswick but also the Roman Tannery in Laverton which is the last remaining Sheepskin Footwear Tannery in Australia and employing over 60 local people. 

They have continued to drive the Ugg Australia brand as an iconic Aussie symbol of hard work and honesty offering all their range as Australian made and half qualifying for the product of Australia label for products that are not only Australian made but use 100% Australian materials.

We congratulate them for their amazing accomplishment. 

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